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Brand new Faux Finish page on Traditional Painter

This brand new Faux Finish page has just been added to the Traditional Painter site.

Tis amazing what you can do with a bit of paint 🙂


Faux finishes by Traditional Painter specialists

Faux finishes include stonework; brickwork; marbled fireplaces and free-standing baths; stone flooring; broken plaster; trompe l’oeil; distressed / antiquing effect on furniture; slate; wood graining… all created with paint.

The only limit to the paint effects that Traditional Painter, Lee Simone, can recreate is your imagination.

Much faux work is fantasy, creating marble effects in properties where, to all intents and purposes, it would be an unlikely “local” fit, or creating views of the ocean from the middle of town! But Lee also replicates wood finishes that fit right in, raising the perceived quality and value of “cheap” doors and furniture.

Faux work can be fun too, with cartoons on pieces of furniture, animals falling out of walls, and all manner of trompe effects.

A craftsman and decorative artist

Lee prepares samples, and then, using tried, tested and proven materials, he sets to work, preparing the base coats, before applying the different effects, using assorted brushes and implements. He then protects the surface against normal wear and tear with durable clear coatings.

As a Traditional Painter, Lee is always happy to advise, and share his knowledge and explain how he tackles certain projects. He is very enthusiastic and can do, which counts for a lot, when you are looking for something special but you are unsure of all the possibilities.

What next?

You can get a run down on Lee’s business and craft credentials here, and from there, contact him direct to discuss your next project. You will be surprised how much work Lee can do in a few days, and he can create an effect that could be a talking point in your home for years.

Wherever you are in the UK, just ask Lee, no obligation.

For a full look at my faux finishes click on the links below –