COVID-19 ‘On-site’ Working Policy

We are a responsible and respectable Company and the following workplace adjustments may be taken to assure mutual safety whilst working on-site. This policy is regularly review and updated. (Last updated August 2022)

• I am not being rude, but I will not shake hands.

• Access to the work room should be kept to a minimum and a masks may need to be worn whist in the working area.

• I will respect 2m Social Distancing where possible. 

• I will wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when prudent (gloves and mask). These items will be changed during the day, as necessary. Used items of PPE will be removed from your home and disposed of safely and appropriately.

• The work area/room should be well ventilated – opening windows/doors as necessary.

• Where possible I will remove items such as doors and drawer fronts and work on them in my workshop. This minimises the length of time at your property and maximises our ability to ‘work from home’.

• I will notify you if I have Covid-19 or develop Covid-19 symptoms.

• You will please notify me immediately if any member of your household has any Covid-19 symptoms or test positive (please feel free to telephone outside of office hours with this information) or if any member of your household have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or a Covid-19 positive test .

• Payment to be made by direct bank transfer.


I will regularly review and update this policy in order to keep myself and my clients safe as much as possible. Any work I undertake will be assessed for the risks involved, on a case by case basis, and may be scheduled accordingly.