Project details - Hand Painted ‘Cars’ Mural

Hand Painted ‘Cars’ Mural – Leeds, West Yorkshire

This ‘Cars’ mural was hand painted in a boy’s bedroom. He absolutely adored the cars so the clients commissioned me to paint a mural of a racetrack and the main characters from his favourite film. The brilliant ‘Lightening McQueen’ bed had already been ordered and was set to be center point of the room and the mural. I painted the scene to look like you were right by the racetrack, which helped overcame the problematic height restrictions of the bedroom and made it look like ‘Lightening McQueen’ was really racing the ‘Chick’ and ‘The King’. I also painted a grandstand crowd and 4 other main characters, all of which appear to be looking on excitedly from the side-lines.

The clients were absolutely thrilled with the results and kindly sent me this testimonial –

“Thank you so much for the amazing murals you’ve painted in the kid’s rooms. your patience, motivation, imagination and sheer talent are a credit to you”. Mrs D, Leeds


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