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Kitchen Painting Kit – Blog by Lee Simone


One of my latest projects was to create a ‘Shabby Chic’ finish on a  wooden kitchen near Barnard Castle. The kitchen itself had been hand crafted by a local joiner many moons ago and was made from some 150 year old pine that used to make up the pews of local church.

The kitchen painting kit you need for any project goes a bit beyond a brush, a roller and a tin of paint – there’s a lot of kit required and a lot of planning, if you’re going to do the job right and get the best possible finish.

Here’s a picture of all the kitchen painting kit and caboodle I needed to complete the ‘Shabby Chic’ kitchen. The essential kit remains the same for any kitchen project though paints, primers and brushes may change. The most noticeable differences to my normal kit for a distressed or ‘Shabby Chic’ finsh are the tea lights (for the wax barrier stage), the Zinsser Bin 123 primer, the butter muslin, the tubed oil paint and the oil glaze. Below is a list of all the kit i used and a few useful links on where you can buy it.


kit and kaboodle 004 - Copy


List of Kit –

Vacuum cleaner with bristle attachment

Mirka hand sander & hose

Abranet abrasive sheets

Platform Ladders

Stereo with Audio Book

Fisherman’s small foldable seat

Mini screwdriver and tool kit

White spirit

Matt emulsion

Zinsser 1-2-3

Ratcliffes Oil Glaze

Tubed oil paint


2 Grades of filler

Sandpaper, between coats, pads, 120 & 180 grit

1200 lining paper


Mini roller handles

High density mini foam rollers



Putty knife

Filler knife

Various Brushes –

2 x 1.5” Purdy Monarch Elite

1 x 2” Purdy Monarch Elite

Picasso 2” Angled Oval

0.75” Nylon artist brush

0.25″ Nylon artist brush

Small stipple brush

Large stipple brush

6” dusting brush

Hog hair brush


Butter muslin

Caulk & gun

Vinyl gloves

Tea lights

Bin bags

1.5” Masking tape

2 x 3M Edge Lock Tape

Face mask


Yup it’s a fair bit of stuff but the kitchen turned out beautifully and the clients were very happy with the transformation and the finish achieved :-). I will be writing a Blog on the whole project soon but in the mean time here’s a sneak peak at a couple of before and after pics.