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Is it worth painting my kitchen?

I firmly believe that refurbishing an old kitchen with a hand painted finish is great value for money. Hand painting an existing oak or pine kitchen can regularly save clients an average of at least £7 – 10,000 on the cost of replacing it with a new kitchen.

A new small kitchen would cost at least £5000 to replace and for that you’re looking at low end B&Q quality. Then there’s all the new tiles, re-decorating and other costs involved as well.

All in all having a new kitchen installed can be a pretty disruptive and stressful process, so as long as the current layout works for you, having your kitchen painted is a great solution. You end up with a new look kitchen, in the colour and finish of your choice without the huge price tag and disruption.


What kitchens can be painted?

Whether your kitchen is lacquered, waxed, laminated, pre-painted, varnished or foil wrapped, I can prepare and paint nearly all surfaces and paint them with a top quality finish that will last many years.


What makes up the kitchen painting process?

Before any painting is done I would first mask off and protect all the work tops, the floor and other key areas.

Preparation –

The next stage is to thoroughly clean and sand all the surfaces that will be painted. This means both sides of the doors, the plinths, end panels, cornices – everything. Preparation is the key and no corners are cut, ensuring the highest standards at all times.

Once cleaned and sanded it’s onto the painting. I will first apply 1-2 coats of special high adhesion primer, creating the perfect durable base. Once primed he will then fill any areas that require attention.

Top Coats –

I then usually apply two – three top coats of oil or water based eggshell, sanding between coats. Each top coat is applied using a mini roller and ‘tipped off’ using a specialist soft brush. This ensures a beautiful and durable finish will no visible brush marks.

If you’d like to see pictures or read about past kitchen refurbs then please visit my BLOG.


How long does it take?

Most small to mid sized kitchens take around 2 – 2.5 weeks to complete if painted in a block colour. More specialist finishes and paint effects can take longer depending on their complexity.


Painting kitchens in the workshop –

Unlike many companies, I can remove the doors and drawers, paint them in his workshop and then re-hang them. I then only have to be on site to paint the plinths, sides, cornices etc, allowing for a totally stress free makeover with the minimum of disruption.


How much does it cost to have a kitchen painted?

Though each kitchen is individually priced, a small lacquered or laminated oak or pine wooden kitchen usually costs around £1200 to prepare, prime and paint. Mid to large kitchens usually cost between £2,000 and £5000 depending on size and design.

Kitchen repaint prices vary and depend on the amount of initial surface prepartion required to get the base perfectly smooth ready for repainting.


How do I go about getting my kitchen painted?

I am always happy to visit you for a no obligation consultation to discuss painting your kitchen.

Alternatively if you would like a guide price prior to a visit then the best option is to email me a few good pictures.

Please ensure all the doors are visible in the photos and that any areas that might need attention or repair are shown as well. Any information you have on the make or finish is also helpful.

From there I will be able to email you back with a good guide price. After these initial emails,and if you would like me to potentially undertake the work I am more than happy to visit you, discuss things further and supply a quote.


Please call Lee on 07808 989 856 or email him from here.



All quotes are detailed and will include a break down of the processes and materials to be used, as well as the time scales involved. These can be sent via email or by post.

Should a deposit be required this will be stated in the quote along with any other pertinent information.


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Thanks for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you for a quote or if you have any questions.