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Painted Oak Kitchen Units Collingham, West Yorkshire

These oak kitchen units were painted and transformed for a lovely family in Collingham, near Leeds. They had bought the house a few years ago and had been steadily redecorating each room, now it was time to update and refurbish the kitchen! The kitchen was bespoke and beautifully hand made in ‘pip’ or ‘pippy’ oak. ‘Pip’ oak is more of a wild hedgerow tree than ordinary oak and features curly grain with a larger numbers of pin knots. 

The clients originally contacted me by phone, asking various questions about the process, durability, colour choice etc. I explained that my process was extremely thorough and that the paint system I use is highly durable and can be accurately tinted to any colour they wanted.

After receiving some photos of the kitchen I send a detailed estimate by return and in due course arranged a consultation. I had a good look over every aspect of the kitchen and pointed out that some initial joinery work would need to be done prior to the painting. This wouldn’t be an issue as I work closely with Colin Foggin, (CF Joinery Harrogate – 07931 430849) and he could do everything prior to me starting. 

We also looked at several colour options and I suggested sending some samples out so they could see the colours in differing lights and at different times of day. They contacted me a couple of weeks later wanting to commission me for the work. By all accounts they had contacted a few companies and although my price was at the top of their budget, they wanted me to do the work 🙂

Once Colin had completed his joinery works it was over to me to begin the painting process. As always this starts with removing all the handles and catches, followed by the doors – which would be painted in my workshop. I then thoroughly cleaned everything with a specialist cleaner/degreaser and masked off the floor, worktops, edges, appliances and the new hinges (which stayed in place to make the re-hanging easier). I then carefully sanded everything, filled holes, caulked gaps, sealed pips, applied two coats of primer and then two-three top coats in my specialist paint, sanding between coats; the colour decided upon was the equivalent to F&B’s ‘Slipper Satin’. Once the shell was complete I began work on the doors and drawers in my workshop. Essentially the same process was used on these, though there was a lot more ‘pip’ holes to fill and seal. Once the doors and drawers were complete I packaged them up in bubble wrap, re-hung them, fitted the new handles, tickety booed and the job was complete. All in all it involved around 2 weeks on-site and 2 weeks in my workshop. The clients were thrilled with the results and wrote the glowing testimonial to show their appreciation.

‘We were extremely impressed with Lee’s work repainting our old kitchen units. He was extremely professional and efficient throughout from the initial consultation to the final finished product, which has completely transformed out kitchen. In addition to the exceptionally good finish (which looks as it it was put on as the kitchen was built) he offered valued advice about scheduling other work, colour choices, slight amendments to the units, trim and handles. His attention to detail was exceptional, noting (for example) that the layers of paint he needed to apply would mean some of the doors might not close properly, and arranging for them to be planed down by a millimeter or two all the way around. This attention is clearly evident in the finish. Finally, Lee was always punctual and communicative, and started and finished the job exactly in the timescale he had allocated to it. We are very happy – he has a long waiting list but we are very glad we waited. Impressive.’ Mr H, Collingham


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