Project details - Trompe L’oeil Window

Trompe L’oeil Window – Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire

This trompe l’oeil window was painted to create a view where non really existed. The view I painted shows the lake and grounds of Ripley Castle. Over the years as a trompe l’oeil artist I’ve painted all sorts of windows in all sorts of rooms. They are a fantastic way of making a room feel bigger than it is and a fun way of adding visual trickery. Trompe l’oeil windows can be painted in any size, in any style and with any view. What you choose to see through your window can be anything you want – from rolling hills or Venetian vistas to Parisian street scenes or tropical beaches. Thee views can literally transport you anywhere you want.


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Lee works throughout Yorkshire and the UK and is within easy reach for projects in Leeds, York, Wetherby, Ripon, Bradford, Ilkley and the surrounding areas.