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Hand Painted Oak Kitchen

I hand painted this oak kitchen for a lovely couple in North Leeds. They wanted to update their kitchen, making it lighter, brighter and more contemporary. Instead of ripping out the units, having them replaced and going through a lot of upheaval, they decided on the much easier and cheaper option of having the units painted. They contacted me via Traditional Painter and I arranged to bob over a couple of weeks later for a consultation.

During the visit they also asked my advice on choosing new tiles and also potential colours for the walls. I was only to happy to help and thought a subtle, slightly patinated tile would work best with the current worktop, picking out my favourite option from the sample tiles they had. From there we moved onto the colour for the kitchen units and then onto the walls. We chose a warm off white for the units and so I suggested painting the walls in the same colour group but  a couple of shades dark. This would create a nice contrast and work really well.

The project took just over a week to complete and after removing the tape, tickety booing and tidying up the transformation was complete. A lovely new kitchen – lighter, brighter and more contemporary. The clients were over the moon and a pleasure to work for, all in all a lovely job well done :-). They later emailed me with this happy review –

“Thank you for the pictures.  We are so pleased with the light, airy feel you have created for us in the kitchen, giving new life to our units.  Your attention to detail was fantastic and we appreciated all your advice in choosing colours, tiles etc.  We were also grateful for the extremely tidy and quiet way you work” Mrs P, Leeds

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