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Rustic Wall Paint Effect

This rustic wall paint effect was done in one of the spare rooms at the stately Oare Manor in Devon. 

Rustic wall paint effect
Rustic wall paint effect

Each of the rooms was being completely revamped, with each having its own particular style and feel. For this bedroom and en-suite the clients wanted a shabby chic look, with the walls and furniture having a rustic look with subtle aging. At this time, as you can see from the before pics, the rooms were in the midst of some serious changes; re-plastered walls, new electrics, new plumbing, new heating – many changes and much modernisation.

The bedroom before painting began

The Process 

By the time I returned, all the work had been completed and it was the perfect shell for me to start painting. The effect would take around a month to complete, with base coats, texturing, multiple layers of glazing and varnishing.

Using various palette knifes I set about applying a textured painting medium to the walls and building up the texture. Here and there I didn’t apply any of the paste, so once glazed, these areas would be darker as the glaze absorbes instantly. To get the right effect with the textured medium is pretty time consuming, and for this particular job I ended up using well over 30 litres of paint.

rustic wall paint effect
Rustic wall paint effect with texturing

Once the texture was applied it was time for the glazing layer, where colour is added and the effect really takes shape. For this particular room I mixed up three oil glazes, one with raw umber pigment, the second with burnt umber and the third with yellow ochre. Once mixed I applied these with a brush and other cloths and tools. I tinkered and glazed, wiped off and painted on until I was happy with the look and felt I had the right balance. I then repeated the process, adding second layers to certain areas to make them look darker. Finally, I sealed everything, with 2 coats of matt water-based varnish to bring out the depth of colour and make it durable and wipeable.

The clients were extremely happy with the end result and dressed the room to enhance the seamless blending of the elegant and the rustic.

Rustic wall paint effect
Elegant and rustic combined
Rustic wall paint effect
The en-suite with copper bath and the same rustic wall paint effect

Lee works as a specialist decorator throughout Yorkshire and is within easy reach for projects in Harrogate, Leeds, York, Wetherby, Ilkley, Otley, Ripon, Thirsk, Linton and the surrounding areas.