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Kitchen Repainting East Yorkshire

This kitchen re-painting project began with the client calling and telling me their beautiful and expensive handmade kitchen cabinets had been re-painted by a local ‘kitchen painter’ and he had all but ruined it. They send me over some photos and then I visited them for a consultation. When I saw their kitchen words failed me.

I will let you be the judge of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos below, but for me, this was in my top 5 of the worst kitchen painting I have ever seen. If I had put a blindfold on and used a toothbrush it wouldn’t have been far off the finish the ‘kitchen painter’ had achieved. Absolutely no care or attention had been taken, the brush marks were deep and uneven and there were hairs, bits and bobbles all over every door.

It was going to be possible to undo the work, but it was going to take a lot of prep! I had to sand every square inch of the doors and drawers virtually back to the bare wood, but after a couple of weeks or hard graft, I had a base on which to start painting.


Close up of the original painted finish, shockingly bad!

The original, badly painted kitchen door


Close up completed kitchen repainting project in Yorkshire

Close up finish of the completed repaint, smooth and durable


The original, badly painted kitchen door



kitchen repainting service in Yorkshire


Kitchen Repainting project in Yorkshire

The finished repainted kitchen in Yorkshire


I guess this is a bit of a cautionary tale because it took me so long to undo the other ‘painters’ work that it ended up costing the clients significantly more for the project compared to if they had got me in originally. Going with a cheaper quote is rarely cost effective, whether it be the finish or the durability, to paint a kitchen properly takes time and budget quotes mean key stages are being skipped.

I first removed all the doors and drawers and prepared and painted these in my workroom, so as to reduce the time and onsite and keep disruption to a minimum. I then returned to start work on the shell, leaving the newly painted doors to harden and cure.

In total the kitchen received four coats of paint: 2 primer and 2 topcoats, only using a brush and a roller- no spraying around here. The colours used were Little Greene’s ‘True Taupe for the tiles and dresser and Little Greene’s ‘Portland Stone Dark for the units’


Picture showing the newly repainted kitchen with it's smooth durable paint finish

Repainted kitchen with a smooth durable finish


Kitchen repaint in Yorkshire

A section of the completed kitchen, with the newly painted tiles


Kitchen repainting by Lee Simone

The completed kitchen repaint


The new smooth and even finish, quite the transformation.

The new smooth and even finish, quite the transformation.

My clients could not have been happier that I had managed to save their kitchen and give it the hand painted finish a kitchen of this quality needs and they were kind enough to write this testimonial for me –


‘Claire and I are delighted with the finished result, its like a brand new Kitchen! As we said to you we are very happy to provide recommendations should you wish. How lucky we were to have you finish just before the new restrictions came in, so many thanks for working the weekend! Hope you can get a good rest now. Take care and stay safe’ 


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