Project details - Painted Kitchen Knaresborough

Painted Kitchen Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

This painted kitchen project was just on the outskirts of Knaresborough, very near my hometown of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. If you live near Knaresborough and are interested in having your pine kitchen painted then please get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss your project.

With over 20 years’ experience as a specialist painter, I have painted many pine kitchens and know that they often need more attention than kitchens made of other woods and substrates. That’s not to say that pine kitchens can’t be painted, they certainly can, you just need to know what you’re doing.

Most pine isn’t as expensive as many other solid woods and often has a more ‘rustic’ look with unflush beading, gaps and knots all being part of the effect and charm of the finish. Older pine kitchens were often only installed with staining in mind, not painting, and being a soft wood, pine is also more prone to scratches and knocks. These may not be very evident when the pine is in its natural state, but as soon as that first coat of primer is applied, all the imperfections become visible and need to be carefully dealt with in order to achieve a top, showroom quality painted finish.

I was initially contacted by clients who had visited my website and seen the other pine kitchens I have painted. In their email they explained that they wanted to have their kitchen painted rather than replaced. It was now 25 years old and looking very shabby, partly because the pine has darkened with age and partly because the original varnished finish was never very durable. Painting would certainly provide a completely new look without the faff of researching, buying and installing a new one.

Barrie kindly sent some photographs and I sent my estimate by return. We then arranged a consultation so that I could see the kitchen in person, discuss the process, logistics in more detail and look at potential colour options. At first glance the kitchen looked very well made, and it was, though looking through a ‘painters’ eye’ I could see there would be a fair amount of prep work required. There were significant gaps around the beading, the surface wasn’t smooth and there were lots of knots, dings, scratches that would need attention. Over the years nearly all the doors and drawers had also dropped and were rubbing against the shell. This would mean that most of the edges would need to be planed before painting to ensure there was no rubbing when the paint was applied. As always, this stage of the project was undertaken by Colin Foggin (Tel: 07931 430 849), a joiner I work closely with on many kitchen painting projects. For the colour, The Little Greene Company’s ‘Rolling Fog’ was chosen, a lovely warm browny grey colour that I had accurately tinted to the equivalent shade in my specialist kitchen paint from Finland.

I started the project by removing all the cabinetry hardware, handles, doors and drawers, which were then taken back and completed in my workroom. As you can see from the pictures above, the amount of preparation was indeed sizable, with a lot of filling, sealing and sanding required throughout every preparation stage. When the primer was applied it revealed the true extent of things, even more time would be required than expected to give these cabinets a showroom quality painted finish. It was time well spent though, there can’t be any shortcuts and if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing really well.

From the initial cleaning/degreasing of all the units to the masking off of the worktops and floors, the meticulous sanding preparation, the sealing of the knots, the filling of holes, dings, scratched and gaps, the sanding between each coat and the use of advanced painting techniques and high performance, high adhesion paints, all the work I do is done to the highest standards using only the best materials and practices.

With all the many stages completed, the doors and drawers rehung, and new handles attached, the new look kitchen was a far cry from the original, old shabby wooden one. With and a smooth and durable paint finish that will last for many years to come, the kitchen had been transformed, making the whole room feel lighter, brighter and much more contemporary.


Lee works as a kitchen painter throughout Yorkshire and is within easy reach for kitchen painting projects in Knaresborough, Goldsborough, York, Bishop Monkton, Burton Leonard, Follifoot, Harewood, Harrogate, Killinghall, Kirby Overblow, Sicklinghall, Wetherby, Linton all the surrounding areas.


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