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Trompe L’oeil Windows

Painting a trompe l’oeil window is a fantastic way to add a visual illusion to a room and create a view where non really exists.

Trompe l’oeil windows can be painted to any size, in any style and with any view, what you choose to see through your window is your choice. Whether it’s rolling hills, a mountains scene, a tropical beach or a Parisian street, trompe l’oeil can transport you anywhere you want.

In a time where we can struggle for both interior and exterior space, trompe l’oeil windows can redefine the architectural confines of a room, creating the illusion of space and incorporating a fun element of visual trickery. Historically, trompe l’oeil illusions were widely used as a means to add a landscape or architectural feature where none existed, and it could be argued that we are missing a trick in this modern age by not using the illusory effects trompe l’oeil painting offers. If you are interested in trompe l’oeil painting for your home or business, then please contact Lee and he will be happy to discuss your project and offer some ideas if needed.

Lee works as a trompe l’oeil painter throughout Yorkshire and UK, and is within easy reach of commissions in Harrogate, Leeds, York, Wetherby, Ilkley, Otley, Wakefield, Halifax, and all the surrounding areas.

How do I get an estimate?

If you would like to discuss a specialist painting project then please call or message Lee: