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Kitchen Painting East Yorkshire

This kitchen painting project was undertaken in West Ella, and began with the client calling and telling me an unfortunate, but all too familiar story. Their beautiful and expensive handmade kitchen cabinets had been re-painted by a local ‘kitchen painter’ and he had all but ruined it. 

Hand painting a kitchen is widely recognised as the most difficult household painting there is, and most painters won’t even take on the work. It’s a different skill set to decorating and specialist knowledge and materials are needed to create a finish that is both smooth and durable. Unlike any other painted surface in the home, kitchen doors are used each day, they are handled, banged about, and have food spilt on them. The painted surface of a kitchen cabinet is also at your eyeline, it’s large and right there on display, so it needs to be painted with precision.

With that in mind, words failed me when I saw the paintwork on this kitchen and the finish that had been achieved (see ‘Before’ images above). Needless to say, preparation was going to be a massive part of this project, and in fact the sanding alone took over 2 weeks. Using an electric sander (with dust extraction unit) and hand sanding, I finally got the surface smooth and ready for painting. That was a long 2 weeks I can tell you!

After filling and caulking, I applied 2 coats of high adhesion primer (sanding between coats) before applying two layers of my specialist topcoat paint from Finland. Each coat was carefully applied with a roller and then layed off with a brush. The end result took many weeks to complete but in the end it was worth all the preparation and attention to detail; the finish was smooth, durable and hugged the contours of the doors, making them look beautifully crisp and clean. The clients were extremely happy with the results and had these kind words to say.

‘Claire and I are delighted with the finished result, its like a brand new Kitchen! As we said to you we are very happy to provide recommendations should you wish. How lucky we were to have you finish just before the new restrictions came in, so many thanks for working the weekend! Hope you can get a good rest now. Take care and stay safe’ 

If you’d like to learn more about this particular hand painted kitchen project and see more piccies, please visit my project Blog for this commission –

Lee works as a kitchen painter throughout most of Yorkshire  and is within easy reach for kitchen painting projects in Harrogate, Wetherby, Otley, Ilkley, Ripon, Knaresborough, Leeds, Wakefield, Halifax, and all the surrounding areas.

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